A Threat …

… to the unity and well-being of the African-American community. And, as such, a threat to racial harmony and reconciliation in America.

What Is The Issue?

The issue is racial alienation within the African-American community caused by the harmful affects of the use of the "N-word" and other demeaning/racist language. This threat is silent, pervasive, and perhaps - in the long-term - more harmful than lead-tainted toys.

We must not be afraid to ask the tough, challenging questions of ourselves and be willing to acknowledge (and not deny) a problem, should one be revealed.

  • Ever found yourself thinking twice about patronizing a black business, physician or financial planner? Did your distrust/reluctance have anything to do with race?
  • Ever withheld, distorted or been reluctant to share job leads, economic/financial information with another black? Why?
  • Could the staggering black-on-black crime statistics be influenced by negative cultural messages that we've internalized or have anything to do with a diminished value placed on black life/property?
  • Ever used the "N-word" to insult another African-American?

And given Bill Cosby's controversial comments about our community, the "Abolish the N-Word" movement, the NAACP's mock funeral for the "N-word," and the high-profile racist remarks of celebrities like comedian Michael Richards, Don Imus, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, reflection on this issue could not be more timely.

This web site and the film that it tells about — although not controversial in itself — weave together several related and sensitive issues within the African-American community:

  • Racial/cultural identity,
  • Self-mockery & cultural disownership,
  • The "N-word" and other demeaning/racist language, and
  • Racism

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