How Trouble in the Water was created

Trouble in the Water was a relatively simple production, with only three locations. However, multiple scenes had to be shot at both the track and kitchen locations, creating two long days.

Eric Johnson, of Blazing Sound & Music, created the score for Trouble in the Water and also greatly improved the sound with a simple sound design. We are indebted to Eric for his assistance with this project.

The production of the kitchen scene, a flashback to the 1970's, was shot with three cameras, a method Turnip has used successfully in other productions. The three cameras yielded excellent coverage without the need for excessive numbers of takes. Videographers for this scene included Wayne Pecinich, Mark Duncan and Jim McQuaid. Lea Ann Walden provided assistance and slate, John Teague and Terry Green were the boom operators and Anthony Dunn was the PA and grip.

For the track scene, we built a simple dolly and also used the low-end Steadicam; some shots had motion further controlled in post. Videographers for these scenes included Wayne and Jim. Dolly work was faithfully executed by Drew Wright, assisted by Jim King and Lea Ann Walden. Catrena Hall was the still photographer for this project.

Left: Jim King (with Steadicam), Drew Wright, Lea Ann Walden and Wayne getting ready for another dolly shot. Center: Wayne rides the dolly during a take at the track. Right: actors at the table, Mark Duncan, Terry Green (obscured), Wayne Pecinich (with boom) and John Teague.

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