Writer-Director Roger Lee Edwards

Roger Lee Edwards, Jr. / Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Jim McQuaid, DP and executive producer

Jim McQuaid / DP, Editor, Executive Producer

How We Met — Reconverging Paths (by Jim McQuaid)

Roger and I met originally in our day jobs in high tech with no knowledge of the other's serious interest in film. We both left the area and moved back. When we reconnected, we began to talk a lot about films. Roger was writing a variety of feature scripts (some in Spanish) and trying to find the right outlet for that; I was starting to seriously make shorts, and Roger helped with many of those productions. Finally I challenged Roger to create a script for a short with a subject and setting that we could actually produce. Trouble in the Water is the result.

Formally educated as an electrical engineer, Roger went to work for GTE Government Systems designing telecommunications and computer networking systems right after graduating from North Carolina State University. Later, he went into business for himself as a technical writer, writing a variety of technical books and documentation for clients such as Nortel Networks, IBM, Wandel & Goltermann, and IDG Books Worldwide. Although successful, Roger didn't find engineering and technical writing truly fulfilling. Since childhood, he had aspirations in the entertainment industry. In his spare time, Roger engaged in a variety of creative writing efforts including poetry, a children's science education book (entitled Max Science and the Glowing Firefly), travel articles, and screenwriting.

His creative appetite later led to his involvement in various phases of theatre and film production, including acting, mime, assistant directing for community theatre, and working as PA, Grip and Sound Recordist on low-budget film/video productions. A series of successes followed. Roger's first teleplay was produced for a children's TV series. His first short screenplay took the First Place prize in a screenwriting competition. His first feature screenplay nabbed an Honorable Mention in another competition. And his second feature screenplay was quickly optioned.

These successes prompted Roger to enroll in the Hollywood Film Institute's Film Producing Program, and to channel even more of his energy towards reaching his creative goals.

When a collaboration with his friend Jim McQuaid and the Turnip coop provided an opportunity to direct his first production, Roger was ready. Trouble in the Water is the result. In addition to other feature projects, Roger is currently working on a follow-up to Trouble in the Water.

Jim, a natural communicator with a Social science degree and a Master of Fine Arts in Photography, taught photography, foundation art and the history of photography at Denison University, Western Michigan University and at UMass/Boston. He created and ran the Oral History Project in Photography at the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House for two years. As a teacher of still photography, he became fluent in image control and lighting.

While never completing his high school film about alienated suburban youth (1200 feet of 8mm film), he did manage to complete a 16mm film which parodied high school life. At that point, however, life's path led away from film for a number of years.

Since 1999, Turnip, his loosely structured cooperative, has completed a number of short films. All share a high regard for the important moments of connection and insight in ordinary everyday life.

Trouble in the Water, is one of the more ambitious stories Turnip has undertaken. Its production stemmed from Jim's friendship with Roger - while they originally met in their high tech day jobs, the discovery of a mutual serious interest in film lead them to collaborate on a number of projects. Trouble in the Water is the first completed film result of this work together.

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